Michael Isaacson

Chief Financial Officer

Who says CFOs aren’t any fun?

Yes, the buck stops here: Michael watches the money, shares the wealth, and manages client contracts and vendor relationships. But he also lives and breathes the culture at DGC by participating in wine-o Fridays, circus outings, field days and other activities that—yes, cost money—but help make work more…fun.

Previously, Michael was Senior Vice President, Finance at RHI Entertainment in New York, where he worked for many years and managed a team of 20 people in all aspects of accounting and reporting functions.  Before that, he was an audit manager at Ernst & Young in New York.

Michael is a Certified Public Accountant and holds degrees from the University of Delaware and Columbia University.

When he isn’t in our office, Michael can be found on the Jersey Shore or in Brazil.

Michael Isaacson